"..A self sufficient community centre for educative turism..."

GSE Autosustainable




In latin “Generationi Secundae Evolutio” means “Development for the next generation”. It is an autosustainable educative centre and focuses on sustainable development. GSE’s aim is  to develop and harmonise people and their surrounding in a sustainable way using an optimal integral combination of natural resources and technology. GSE’s intention is to give a positive contribution to the development of the earth and the consciousness of people. GSE strives to give a positive integral contribution to the wellbeing of the earth and the next generations.



The vision of GSE is to develop a new free way of living, which provides a diferent perspective on life as does the average modern society: To live in the most eficient way which is as independent and sustainable as posible. This way of living looks up to freedom, but certainly also up to responsability for humans, the earth and the universe. There is an endless connection through matter and interaction, and by founding something that is as harmonious as posible, it will have a positive influence on a small towards a bigger scale.


History of GSE